Electrically heated glass

Electrically heated glass consist of several layers of thermally treated glass panels, one of the panels is covered with a special conducting low-emission coating based on metal oxides, which carries out functions of a heating element. The light transmission and the appearance of the glass remain unchanged when heated.



“AKMA” manufactures its own electrically heated glass of any difficulty with an individual approach to every project. Annually the company produces about 3,500 sq meters of electrically heated glazing.

With the use of this technology we have implemented such projects as MIBC “Moscow City” (Moscow), airport “Domodedovo-2” (Moscow oblast), philharmonia in the park «Zaryadye» (Moscow), “ExpoForum” (Saint Petersburg), hotel chain Hilton, glazing of ships and other private facilities.

To calculate the cost of the glazing and to clarify the production time you can contact us. Also, with some prior negotiations, you can personally visit the production and learn more about manufacturing technology.


Structural design

Depending on the purpose (facades/glass roof / heated canopy/ transport glass) electrically heated glass can be of types:
 Product thicknessPossibility of
Screen printingColor printingGlass product
Laminated glass/
5-40 mm+++
Laminated glass
within insulating
glass unit
>= 20 mm+++
These are primary designs of electrically heated glass products. With prior negotiations and the availability of technical capabilities, other design solutions may be applied.


A typical diagram of a control system for electrically heated glass products

Technical capabilities

The minimum size of an electrically heated glass products is 300×250 mm
The maximum size of an electrically heated glass products is 5000×2800 mm
Temperature of heating with respect to the environment – from 1 to 70 ° C
Voltage – 230 V

Recommended heating power depending on the purpose

Purpose of the electrically heated glassConsumed electric power Watt/m²Glass temperature/ °С
Anti-icing (transparent roof and canopy)300-700+20…+40
Creating a comfortable zone near the window100-250+8…+15
Window condensation elimination100-300+8…+20
Room heating200-400+12…+25

 Temperature of the glass surface in relation to the power


Power emission on the glass watt/m²Temperature of the glass, °С
At an ambient temperature of 0 °СAt an ambient temperature of 20°С

Scope of application

Insulating glass units or laminated glass with heating capabilities are often used for the following purposes:

– protection of roofs and inclined surfaces from the “snow cap” and ice;
– windows, stained-glass, balconies, glass partitions with heating;
– heating for swimming pools, winter gardens, greenhouses, country houses with panoramic glazing;
– protection against icing for railway and water transport, motor transport and specialized transport.