Enamelite is a heat strengthened glass, one of the surfaces of which is uniformly covered in a single color ceramic ink and is resistant to sudden temperature changes, acid and alkaline environments, high humidity and steam. Thanks to the enamel being fused into the surface, it is almost impossible to damage or scratch it. Tempered glass is very durable and pretty much does not need care. Enamel coating does not contain toxic compounds and fully complies with environmental standards.



This type of glass is used for the following purposes:

In addition the purpose of enamelite glass can be both functional and purely decorative.


Depending on the goals, the enamelite can be manufactured in one of two ways:

  • Roller printing.
    With this technology, the surface of the glass is fully and uniformly coloured, and the thickness of the enamel layer is about 80 μm.
  • Silk-screen printing.
    If this technology is used, it is possible to paint the entire glass surface or its individual sections. In this case, the thickness of the ink layer will be less than when the roller printing is used, and will be about 20 μm.
– By default, the painted glass is not designed to transmit light through it. If such a need arises, additional coordination is necessary before commencing work.
– Enamelite is a tempered / heat-strengthened glass, which means it can not be further processed (cutting, drilling holes, etc.), so the delivery of the enamelite is carried out in the form of finished goods.

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AKMA  produces and sells the following types of enamelite

GlassLaminated glassInsulating glass
Enamelled glassEnamelite as part of laminated glassEnamelite as part of insulating glass
Curved enameliteEnamelite as part of curved laminated glassEnamelite as part of curved insulating glass


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